Lax Lucerne on rope for horses

Lax Lucerne on rope for horses

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Lax Lucerne on rope for horses


Lax Lucerne on rope

The healthy snack for horses.

The Lax products combine natural ingredients with a unique taste and careful processing to provide the best conditions for high-quality feed.
The delicious lucerne bricks have the best properties and indulge horses with important nutrients. Thanks to its low sugar content, it is the ideal supplement for a balanced diet. The horse feed is made of 100% lucerne from controlled cultivation and is free from grains and molasses.

Fresh from the field, the ingredients are immediately processed and pressed into a long, round form. The healthy roughage snack is very extensive and ensures long-term nibbling pleasure. The lucerne bricks are roped through the middle and can easily be hung in the horse stable or outside. With the Lax lucerne rope, horses enjoy an extra activity and no dust or dirt is created – the pferfect alternative to hay nets. These delicous treats do not only contribute to the well-being of horses, but also promote saliva production.

The treats are suitable for all horses, even those that are sensitive to dust or mould, or those with behavioural problems.



EN Lax Lucerne on rope for horses 100% alfalfa, briquette. Feed material. Analytical constituents: Crude protein 15.3%, crude fibre 24.8%, moisture 10%, phosphorus 0.23%, crude ash 11.1%. Storage: Cool, dry and out of direct sunlight. 2 x 1 kg