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  • Waldhausen Vitamin E can increase willingness to perform, condition and resilience. Has a positive effect on muscles and joints, supports the building up of muscle. Pellets 

  • Horse grooming products and feed supplements - premium quality made in Germany

    A wide range of products for high quality horse- and leathercare, as well as feed supplements. 
    Developed, tried and tested over years. The latest findings from nature, science and technology go into the development of our products.
    Grooming products and feed supplements are manufactured on our behalf only by experienced and distinguished producers under strict quality control.  
    Our products have established themselves in the equestrian world through collaboration with World and European Champions, Olympic gold medallists, and with competition and leisure riders. Our experience and our name guarantee high grade quality.

    Composition :maize 34.00 %, wheat bran 18.00 %, steam-heated soybean meal 10.00%, 
    dextrose 8.00 %, propylene glycol 2.00 %, beet molasses 1.00 %., soya oil 1.00 %

    Components by analysis: crude protein 11.00 %, crude fibres 2.40 %, unrefined oils and fats 13.1 %, crude ash 2.10 %.

    Additives per kg: 
    Nutritional additives: L-lysine 20000 mg, vitamin E 100000 mg, vitamin C 25000 mg, 
    selenium as sodium selenite (E 8) 15 mg

    Feeding Instructions: 
    Large horses (600 kg): 50 g per day
    Small horses: 25 g per day

    (1 heaped measuring spoon = approx. 25 g)

    No more than 300g may be fed per day maximum! This is due to the higher vitamin and trace element content compared with complete feeds. 

    Quantity: 1 kg 


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