Atelier Pravins High quality halter and lead rope (blue)

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Atelier de Pravins

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High quality leather halter with lead rope. Treat yourself to a unique product.

Made of high quality selected leather with top quality stainless steel buckle. A luxury leather product.

Made in a standard size, adjustment of the crownpiece with a buckle at each side, the throat piece is equipped with a snap hook to make it easier to put it over your horse’s head.

All the bridlery made by Atelier de PRAVINS is completely handmade from high-quality French leather. Saddle-stitch, dyed leather pieces, high-quality buckles..a high quality article for demanding riders who require a top-quality and long lasting article.



NB: Vi lagerfører i hovedsak dette produktet, ved eventuelt utsolgt størrelse eller farge, må leveringstid på 8-10 virkedager påberegnes!

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